Now and Then

A group of young adults shuffled heavy feet as they herded together down a cramped, blissfully humid, bright white hallway working their way into the waiting area of their arrival gate. Given no reprieve, the group was then polity instructed to move on, like a pack of lost wide eyed cattle. English was no longer … More Now and Then

Rainy Season my Ass

It rained a little this morning, just enough to ensure that the ground became damp and the colors enriched with the fresh layer of moisture. That still doesn’t mean it isn’t summer. Teachers have been adamant that the rainy season isn’t over. But they just are lying to themselves. They claim that this silly little … More Rainy Season my Ass

My Immortal

Dear Mom, How have you been? Do you still smile and laugh as hearty as you used to? I hope you three ladies have been keeping out of trouble. I can just see it, Great Grandma sassing Grandpa because he didn’t quite do what he was supposed to. But that is alright because he is … More My Immortal