Um… I call an Offside???

Yesterday was an exciting day in the wonderful world that is my life. It was Class Match at Yanai High School for the 1st and 2nd years, since 3rd years have already graduated. For those of you who don’t remember or have no clue, class match is a day where each grade and class fights against one another to win the title of overall champion. They battle it out by winning different sports events. And since this is Japan the genders are also separated so there are “girl and boy” only sports.

Yes! Japan is totally not on the band wagon when it comes to gender equality, so there are teams/sports that are gender specific but let’s not get started on that mess.

Since the weather was freaking fantastic, the sun was shining with and a rich spring warmth filed the air; the students could do inside and outside activities. Hurrah for no rain! The sports included: badminton, soft volley ball, and doge ball for girls and soccer for the boys.

dodge ball.jpg

You would think that the girls had a more exciting time because who wouldn’t think that doge ball is totally hard core! High school girls in their P.E. uniforms whipping a hard doge ball back and forth at each other. A totally battle zone bruised bodies and broken noses.

Watched Wonder Woman a few too many times have we? Because if that is what you had been imagining it is totally off base.

Yes there are a handful of girls who really get down and dirty for the sports they participated in but most of them literally have no back bone. The phrase “they throw like a girl” sadly fits perfectly for what I was watching. And yet I still managed to jam my figure playing a random side game with a few of the girls; dumb luck on my part.

Still the day was filled with laughter and smiles, my favorite kind of way to spend the day with my students. There was also the added bonus of the SUN! OH HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU, YOU WARM BALL OF SPRINGTIME GOODNESS! Though, I know I am going to be wishing you away again all too soon. But I digress.

I ended up busier than I normally am during the Class Match event. Usually I can be found on the sidelines cheering for the students, mostly oooh-ing and ahhh-ing. When you know all the kids out on the field you can’t choose favorites! *wink* At least we don’t tell them.

So I cheered like normal but also assisted in refereeing for soccer, worked the score board for badminton, and checked in on volley ball while screaming my head off for both teams. I also did the usual amount of picking on the student and chatting with them. But while assisting with the soccer matches the job I was supposed to have been calling offside offences. I don’t know how many times a student explain to me what an offside is. I think at least four students throughout the day tried to explain it to me. I understand the idea of an offside, but in practice I don’t know how to call it when I see it. Good thing it wasn’t an official match!

One great part about being an ALT is that you normally don’t have a given job/task for events held at your schools. When it comes to Class Match you are free to do as you please within reason. So while the teachers had been locked away in the teachers office getting last minute things done, I was free to spend the day enjoying the company of my students. And bless their hearts because no matter what crazy thing Amanda ends up doing they always put up with my antics.


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