Yep… That just happened.

Yanai is a rather chill little town. It only gets a little loud when its festival season but everything is silent by 8:30 pm. It really is a ma and pop kind of setting. That was until this morning. I swear I was back in University watching a scene that I had stumbled upon all too often.

Like any other morning I was walking to school headed to the Family Mart near school to buy some bread for my breakfast and a drink for the day. I usually don’t see many other people walking on my morning rout but today I happened upon a group of three men. They were headed my way as the stumbled about and talked rather loudly. All three had clearly still been intoxicated form their activities the night before.

I continued on my way not paying them any heed. But as I crossed the street and turned to my right, I could clearly see one of the men out of the corner of my eye. I ever so slightly glanced his way and was shocked at what I was seeing. He had unzipped his pants, taken out his little buddy, and was peeing into the water canal next to the road.

I did a double, then triple take. How could this be happening at 8:50 in the morning? This was something I expected to see back in my college town, but not on a Friday morning in little old Yanai. There are kids out walking to school and loads of people driving to work. He was clearly visible for all to see.

I continued on my way but I couldn’t help glancing at the guy as I did so. Towards the end of his display he tried to switch positions so that both his legs created a bridge over the water way, but in his altered state, he began to sway. He tried remain upright but leaned a little too far one way and lost his footing. Totally falling backwards, he almost fell into the water canal. It wasn’t a graceful landing either.

I was too far way to make out any close details. I am not sure if this fool continued to pee on himself after his tumble and I didn’t stick around to find out if he ended up falling into the canal while trying to get back up again. He had two drunk buddies to help him, hopefully they stumbled back to assist.

The ironic part to all of this is that just before I had crossed the street a cop car had turned down his street. They drove past him just before his urge to pee tingled at his senses. What a un-lucky, lucky fool he is today.

The moral of the story? Keep your junk in your pants and pee at the Family Mart you just walked past not even 3 minutes before you idiot.


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