Rainy Season my Ass

It rained a little this morning, just enough to ensure that the ground became damp and the colors enriched with the fresh layer of moisture. That still doesn’t mean it isn’t summer.

Teachers have been adamant that the rainy season isn’t over. But they just are lying to themselves.

They claim that this silly little lie is true because the weather man has not told them otherwise. I would like to point out that while it is still raining it has been hotter than blazes! The temperatures have been humid, often over 80%. Students have passed out at sports practice and a few have even hit the dirt while doing everyday school tasks.

One was so bad the school had to call an ambulance for emergency assistance.

While it does rain the heat clearly says that it is summer time. There are no spring like weather patterns that counter this silly idea. There are no flowers that have yet to bloom, no trees that only bare the tiny green buds of new life. There is no rainy spring related things!

So, please stop this foolishness.

I had a teacher tell me the other day “Oh I wonder if the news report will say that rainy season is over with. I am a disappointed that we didn’t have more storms this year. It was like we didn’t have a real rainy season. It won’t feel like summer now.” This was said two days after a big stormy night, with lightning and thunder even!

At the time I had not understood the teacher’s true meaning. But now I understand that after a week or so, when the rain finally is considered to have stopped, it becomes the “last” day for the rainy season and is talked about on news reports all over Japan. News casters will say things like “oh the last day of rainy season was three days ago.”

I guess that is what my teacher needs and everyone else needs, the solid evidence that the season has finally changed and that it is officially summer.

But really… It rains in the summer time too people!

Oh well. It is a routine that is followed every year and I know all too well how rooted into tradition and routine Japan is.

Speaking of routine, the rise in ambulance sirens is a big indication that it is summer because so many people are getting heat stroke. Especially the older generations that takes up the majority of the city’s population. But that might only be a routine indication for me.

But before you know it, it will be typhoon season. Like we haven’t already had one of those coming our way…



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