F@#$K This, I’m Fabulous!

For the last three or four years I have been running to help me slim down and lose weight. It has been hit or miss, but never in these past years have I ever said that I LOVE to run. Running has always been a challenge for me and still is to this day. But it has gotten easier. And as I have mentioned, I have added a Jazzercise class into my routine. I will be going into my third week of classes!

But in all this what have I been trying to accomplish?

This year has been a rough year for me when it has come to working out and trying to img_3654stay active. I had stopped running for a few months due to cutting my foot open back in December and then again when I got an infection in my toe.

Was it really for just those two reasons?

Na, I really got lazy and often told myself “fuck it!” Pajamas and an already made meal from the delly became my everyday. Let us not forget my additional addiction to Netflix; a continued affliction.

Now I am back in the swing of things! I have started running again and Jazzercise class has really helped out. I am feeling a lot better mentally and physically once img_3651again. Being lazy has always been a hard, and yet it is just so damn easy, of a thing for myself but makes my body stiff and ack. Especially with all the sitting that happens at my job as an ALT.

Sweating out stress has always felt good and lifted my spirits, but recently I have turned to trying to make myself feel good about my body the way it is. Honestly I would love to slim down a bit more, my personal feelings, but why not love my body as it is now. I can love myself even more after I reach my goal! I know, I have done a lot already but I have this irritating pooch of belly fat that I would love to lose. It has officially been named “mochi.”

But that is besides the point.

Through working out I have found the curves that had been hidden underneath layers of fat. I am not stick-thin and I know I never will. But that doesn’t break my heart. I have found some wonderful ways to help me feel better about myself.

Find Inspiration!

I have spent days scouring through the infinite black hole that has become instagram to find images and photographs of women I can relate to. One account instantly grabbed img_3647my attention, Hunter McGrady. She is a model with Wilhelmina Models LA/NY, but I wouldn’t say that she is your average model.

Yes I know what you are thinking. I said the model word. Meaning that her pictures are all photoshopped and not something the average woman could achieve. And you are right, models pictures are edited and totally disfigured. But the fun part about McGrandy’s account is that she gives you the real her alongside her model images.

She doesn’t let the fact that she is not a typical stick-thin-malnourished looking model get in her way.  McGrady is on fire and with a lot of her photographs being for underwear and swimwear my confidence in myself has been boosted! Curvy is sexy!

You can find her on Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook too!

Still Enjoy the Sweet Life.


Salad after salad for dinner is tough.Eating right all the time can be bland. Just be sure to find healthy options in the food choices you make, but don’t forget that a treat here and there is okay. Healthy eating means moderation, you don’t have to drop out everything you love. I still enjoy ice cream and the occasional small bag of potato chips, but that is on top of eating  all my fruits and vegetables.

BUT… I might have gone a little wild on my birthday, but hell you only live once. Don’t let food stand in your way of enjoying life!

Stay Positive!

It is hard to look in the mirror and not see all your faults. It is even harder to feel like you are working your ass off to slim down, but the scale tells you that the hard work has been futile, that there are img_3650no results. That is total pish posh! You are doing something! You are working hard and doing something to feel better about you.

Sure the scale is an ass, but remember the number isn’t as important as the way you feel after a good sweat! Are your pants fitting better? Is your bra not feeling as tight? That is great! So what if the scale says you are stuck in a slump. You are likely gaining muscle and losing fat; muscle weighs more than fat!!

Pamper Yourself!

Been sweating your butt off? Well why not hit the spa or give yourself a spa day at home to cut down on some of the price. Or better yet GO SHOPPING!

I went onto the fabulous site Swimsuits For All and got myself a hot new swimsuit.

The website is wonderful. There are tons of different style suits, in a variety of different colors and patterns. The best part about this site is that the suits they sell come in all shapes and sizes. They also have a wonderful image gallery of real women wearing their swimsuits in the real world. REAL PEOPLE LADIES!


These wonderful models and woman are of all shapes and sizes, just like the suits. Making the swimsuit collection fabulous!

I hate swimsuit shopping… I hate every second of it! I am also living in Japan as a curvy woman. There is no way in hell I am finding a suit to fit my body type. But after I found this site my excitement to purchase a new suit took a huge boost!

While I have not been graced with my order just yet, I have confidence that I am going to look drop dead fabulous in my new TWO PIECE suit. Yes, you read that right, I ordered a high waisted two piece suit. I will be sure to fill you in on thoughts about after it arrives!

And lastly, Just Do You.

img_3652All in all there should be no shame in who you are. If you are not happy with something in your life do what you can do fix it, but on your terms. That is how my weight loss adventure started three plus years ago. I had been sick of the way I felt and looked so decided to make a change. There has been more than my fair share of ups and downs, but that has gotten me to where I am today.

I am still working hard, but doing it my way. All the while still enjoying ice cream treats!


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