ALT Office Life – Move Your Boogie Body

I started a Jazzercise class, damn am I tired.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I left my first jazzercise class and I am already feeling the burn. Especially in my legs.

Two of my ALT friends invited me to join there Jazzercise class they have been taking part in. They have really enjoy it and thought since I was running that it would be a good option to add into my workout routine. Or what has been left of it since I had kinda given up on running.

I have been trying to get back in the swing of things by starting to run again.

For Jazzercise the month of May is totally free for new members. It is now or never to jump into the mix and last night that is just what I did.


I will be honest… I had been worried about the class. I imagined little old ladies shaking their little old lady hips on the offbeat of some old workout soundtrack. That was the total opposite of what I got!

It is a total body workout and lasts for 40 minutes. Hard cardio, but well worth the time, because we literally didn’t stop moving for the whole class. And while there had been times where I found myself chanting in my mind “Just one minute please,” the workout was a great way to sweat out some stress! And the music? We listened to songs by Rihanna and other popular artists.

The teacher was entertaining and energetic as all get out. I smiled and giggled as I followed along to the beat of the music. It is super motivating and I could tell it helped push the class to keep going.

Her energetic personality totally got enhanced by her innocent use of English and Japanese, great combo!

I used to do Just for Kixs when I was younger ( Just for Kixs is a dance company geared towards children from preschool age and higher) and did dance routines for events during university. I love to dance, but I am nowhere near being a master dancer. That wasn’t an issue for the class. Jazzercise uses energetic, upbeat music and mixes it with simple but active, and often dance like, movements.

Not all the movements that had been used would I consider as “dance” moves, a sumo hop isn’t really one. Just remember that no matter what your skill level is, that the main goal of the class is to get everyone moving. No worries, the moves are nowhere near the butt to croch hip hop-grinding stuff that can be found at a nightclub. It was simple, fun, and active!

Tonight there is another class and I hopefully will be attending with my ALT buddies. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy doing something like this, but I found that just going and trying it out was a good first step. Regardless of if I was going to join or not.

If you are interesting in finding a Jazzercise class near you check out the website to see what is available near you!

Jazzercise All Over the World!


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