My Immortal

Dear Mom,

How have you been? Do you still smile and laugh as hearty as you used to? I hope you three ladies have been keeping out of trouble. I can just see it, Great Grandma sassing Grandpa because he didn’t quite do what he was supposed to. But that is alright because he is hiding in the garage away from you three anyway. Then Grandma and you are outside chatting away about this and that. Probably talking about how us kids are doing and how your brothers are getting along.

Hope you all are doing well. I miss you.

Do you watch over us kids yet? Are we doing okay in your eyes? Do you miss us?

No need to worry about me. I have been doing quite well; though I still have the habit of spending more money than I should be saving. You only live once though! A lesson I have learned from you.

But really, I have been doing well. I will be finishing up my second year on the JET program this coming August. After that I will start of my third year here in Japan. I am excited and scared at the same time. The students I first taught will be graduating this coming March, so I will have to say goodbye. I will also be done with my time in Yanai next August. Meaning I will be moving on to the next thing, whatever that might be.

OH! Mom did you hear? I got a boyfriend! He is a very sweet and handsome guy. He makes me smile, laugh whole heartedly and makes me feel loved. The two of us get along very well together. I know you would like him very much.

Michelle is getting married soon! It is always less than a month away, June 10th. You know that is the same day that Dad and you got married. Michelle thinks it is very special that it will be the same day. I think so too. Evan can’t go to the wedding though, he will be in another country for training with the National Guard. I wanted to be able to visit with him.

Dad seems to be working too much and too hard, but what can we do. That just the way he is. I understand why he does it but at the same time I have been able to step back from work myself, so why can’t he do the same? Mom, do you think you could maybe push him a little harder to take a break? He always listened to you. He doesn’t listen well to Michelle and me. But just like you, we know best. If only he knew that.

Cooper has gotten so big! The little “angel” is a total monkey! Runs around taking off his dipper just like his mother used to when she was young. Michelle and I have a bet that he will be taller than me by the time he is 8 years old. I think I am going to lose… The little guy is growing like a weed! Blond hair and blue eyes, he is a total heart breaker in the making. I just hope he is a good boy.

Other than that I think life is going okay. There have been stressful moments and times I just want to get you on the phone to hear your voice. To tell me the things I know I don’t want to hear, but should. I know I can’t… and it kills me a little bit inside. I miss you dearly my sweet lady.

I will be just fine. I have you with me in my heart. However, I hope that you are still somewhere out there guiding me to do what is right. Thank you for loving me so very much! Thank you more for all that you’ve done for me. Thank you for being my mother.

You had been a great mother, no matter how much I might have upset you. You are for sure a wonderful woman. You truly have left us too soon, but I hope that you are taking care of all the young ones who need you in the next life.

Happy Mother’s Day sweet lady!

Love you Mom. Miss you so much.


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