The Last Beginning of aYear

It is Monday and I fear there is not enough coffee in the world to save me. While I did have a somewhat restful sleep last night, I was still tossing and turning like the restless nights that came before. There was also the addition of not getting the pleasure to sleep in over the weekend.

To sum up how I really feel right now: still behind on sleep, just want a good cup of Joe, and its the day known for being dreadful.  It is really going to be a true Monday feeling Monday today.

But this Monday is a little different from other Mondays because it marks the first day of classes for the 2017-2018 school year. Students had been chatting away about their new assigned classrooms, class mates, and adventures they encountered during spring break. Most of the conversations were a buzz regarding who their new homeroom teacher is for the year.

Homeroom teachers; its a big deal for students because this person is like their parent at school, there go to person for everything and anything. If you are stuck with a teacher who is a bit of a dud then the year will not be enjoyable. Everyone can agree that strict or just plain boring teacher are no fun, but I digress.

The first half of the day was a normal opening ceremony/welcome back assembly. Current students did their routine of listening to homeroom teachers talk about this and that for the year. There was also the speeches of the vic principal and principal that, thankfully, had been short winded but meaningful as always. Then it was off to their new classrooms to get a feel for what this year will be like.

Just businesses as usual.

But between the speeches and meetings there was time for me to speak with my old students, the now 2nd and 3rd years. It was during cleaning time. I stayed in the gym and helped to set up chairs for the afternoon entrance ceremony for Yanai High School’s new 1st years.

I talked with the baseball boys about how tired they are, the basketball team about the weekend tournament, and chatted away with my giggly girls. I surely have missed them over spring break. I am so happy to see their innocent smiling faces once again.

As for the first years I have yet to speak with any of them. I will likely only have the opportunity to do so at our first class together on Thursday. I am ready but still a little nervous. Who knows what this years group of students will bring. But at least there is bound to be one funny kid among the bunch.


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