ALT Office Life – Moving Day

Tuesday morning was a mess. Teachers moved about the office like nervous little honey bees. They moved boxes of paperwork, office supplies, and all the other random stuff they have hidden within their desks. Yes, just as the title of this post, it was moving day.

This is an occurrence that happens once a year. Teachers load up their stuff and at 10:00 am on the dot everyone starts shuffling about the office moving desks from one end of the room to the other.

Why does this happen? Well, you see, each clump of desks is for a specific grade of students. While there are a few teachers who are a little ambiguous and are sometimes placed randomly, more often than not teachers will be placed to sit with teachers who teach the same grade.

For example, I sit with the first year teachers every year. I teach the first years at my base school, so I am to sit with those teachers. While Sumitomo-sensei was my supervisor she sat with the second year teachers because those are the students she taught. From my first year, where she sat right next to me because we taught together, her desk was moved to the middle section of desks in the middle of the room.

What is rather interesting about moving day is that some teachers will completely clean out their desks, making it easier to move. While others will just take off a few of the heavier items. Either way the normal calm of the office erupts into a crazy scurrying of teachers, desks, vacuums and brooms.

I guess the best way to describe the whole thing is like this: for one whole year the teachers have been slowly putting together a puzzle. It is a large puzzle consisting of many pieces of all shapes and sizes, so it takes a while for it to be completed. Everyone works hard to make their piece fit over the year. Then around March everything starts falling into place. But then a group of new students comes into the mix and destroys all the hard work everyone put in, breaking apart the pieces of the puzzle. Everyone must pick up a new piece and start all over again.

Even with all this hustle and bustle I am sitting in the same old seat as always. The only problems is that Creepy Sensei has moved in next door… It is going to be one long year… “Oh, Amanda. We are neighbas. Neighba, Neighba!”



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