The Awkward Part of Every Morning

I am trapped in a never ending cycle of boredom. Yet there are those fleeting moments when I get the fresh tickle of excitement. Most days nothing of the sort happens, but when that little glimmer of hope starts to shine threw, the day becomes a glorious one indeed! Unfortunately I do the same old thing day in and day out. Though there is one thing in this mundane routine that I most certainly could live with out.

Every morning when I get into the office I put down my bag at my desk, pick up one of my coffee cups and head for the coffee maker. I need to get my daily morning cup of that wonderful shitty office brew while it is still fresh. Then my day continues on with me sitting in front of my dimmed computer screen. Often I am roaming reddit or hang out on Facebook messenger chatting with my sister or fellow ALTs. Anything to keep me looking like I am busy at work doing NOTHING.

But between the hours of 9:00 and 10:00 Creepy-sensei has to do his habitual awkward “OH! Good morning” greeting.

I know what you are thinking. A good morning? That is it??? What is so wrong with that? Well let me try to explain how awkward this is.

First of all, his stance. Waving hello with a good morning is considered normal by social standers, but he of course is not the norm. He comes with his his right hand raised high above his head. It comes off as the a powerful “Hail Hitler” gesture. Something that is rather off putting no matter who you are.

There is also the fact that a “OH” has to be placed before the words good and morning that follow. The Oh is always said in a way of surprise. I can clearly hear the message of ‘oh Amanda what are you doing here?’ in the way he delivers it. Like it is a shock that I am sitting at my desk working on my computer because you know it is something he has never seen me do before. AMAZING!!!…

Once the initial “oh, good morning” is said and done, I respond with a very cold “good morning” in response. No smile, no hey buddy how are you kind of buddy buddy talk. Just a simple polite, yet frozen, response. Then he hesitates, stands there looking at me awkwardly like I am supposed to continue on a conversation.

Sorry, but no.

Sure we could say it is just a friendly pause, but this pause leaves me enough time to think ‘oh gawd what could he possibly want or have to say to me.’ But he does nothing. He keeps eye contact within the entirety of the paused moment. Still saying nothing he slowly looks away as he turns to waddles back to his desk.

The enter encounter feels random and holds no real purpose. BUT I know he goes out of his way to do this EVERY DAY.

Yes, yes. It could be that he is just being nice. That he is trying to be good and kind to the cute, young foreign ALT. Sure we could go with that but other teachers have picked up on the awkwardness of this daily routine too. I have been asked questions about it and some have even reenacted the scene at parties as a joke. But no one really knows why he continually does the same thing daily when I have never shown interest or engaged him into a conversation.

To this day I have always been hyper aware of where Creepy-sensei is when I am also present. The teachers office, classrooms, and the gym. Heck! Even when student and teachers alike are outside in the school grounds, my senses always tell me where he is. The aura that surrounds him gives me the chills.

If you are a woman you may know this vibe. The guy teachers I have spoken with have no idea what I mean when I say I get the chills, but the other female teachers are weary of him. While he has never done anything to warrant seeking help, I will always have an eye out for him.

Right now I just have to figure out how to warn the new incoming English teacher. It has been said that she is a young, fresh to teaching, English teacher; an easy target.




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