ALT Office Life – The Last Hour

It is Friday and a true TGIF feeling slowly spreads through my veins. The irritating curling of toes started hours ago. The week has been filled with desk sitting, reading, and trying not to fall asleep at my desk. TGIF indeed.

There is only an hour left until I can bolt from my seat. I have been waiting for the clocks hands to reach 12 and 4 since 8:15 this morning. My ass is sore from the long hours of sitting it has put in over the past few weeks. I am tired of being tired.

I was lucky enough to be invited to lunch with a few of the younger male teachers, but it was a set up. There is someone who has a crush on me. I know but no one knows I know. It is obvious. But I am not interested, sorry.

Still I was able to escape the office for an hour. Something I have not done all week. And the reason was for food, ramen at that. I except the trickery in exchange for the break.

I forgot my iPad so no reading to be done today. No time to be wasted there. Instead I roamed readdit, medium, and for the hour long teachers meeting I messaged the boy. That was a good solid hour of fun.

Now there is only one hour left. The clock hands appear to be frozen in time with every glance. The second hand still ticks by but the hour seems to grow longer and longer with each passing second.

Till the clock strikes 4:00 I can only sit here and wait some more.

TGIF cannot come any faster.

Only 55 minutes left…


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