ALT Office Life – The Mundane

Tis the season of good byes and so longs. Final lessons, and muffled sobs. It is also a time where I sit behind my desk doing anything and everything I can to “look” busy. Yes, that is right; it is desk sitting time.

My shitty office coffee steams through the drinking hole of my hipster Starbucks cup. No, it is not real Starbucks, just a fun little plastic mug to make others think otherwise. It really is just a shitty cup of coffee.

I stare at it. The coffee’s steam dances away in the chilled office air. Finding its own rhythm as its curves sway to the shuffling of papers and the uneven beats of keyboard keys.

The others are all busy. Making test, correcting homework, and finishing up end of year reports. I just shit behind my gray topped desk, restless in my seat.

The gray false leather surely has a permanent indent of my behind and has grown uncomfortable over the long eight hour days.

I have tried to appear as though I have tasks of my own. Reading and writing while looking at my computer`s dimmed screen. In all honesty it is just me getting lost in the strange writings and post that make up the black whole known as reddit. I prefer tumblr but that is dangerous palce to tread while at the work place.

That and one can only do one thing for so long.

Today I am in a daze. My brain seems fuzzy as I continue to stare at my coffee cup. If it wasn’t for the infection I have contracted in my right large toe I could have join a gym class or two.

However, the final days of lessons are here. Friday marking the last day of full lessons. Meaning fun classes like P.E. or art will be lost to me.

I shift my eyes from my cup to the clock, it is 10:00 am. Only 10 minutes have passed. It feels like an eternity. I long for the clock`s hands to reach 4 and 12, but for that to happen I would need to cast a powerful magic spell.

But really 4:00 pm cannot come any faster!

Happy end of the school year to my fellow ALTs around the country. I know some of you are still busy with lessons, but there those of us who are stuck pulling desk duty already. Lucky us.


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