ALT Office Life – The Love Triangle

She sits tall as she works day in and day out. Never moving from her place, but working harder than any other within the office space. No other female can compare to her loyalty and burning force. She is the queen bee. And being queen, does the herd flock to her as she sits working day in and day out.

Men can not help but come to her, pining for her attention. One particular male likes to stay exceptionally close. I can attest to at least two years of his behavior towards her.

You see, she is the first person he goes to in the morning, and the last to feel his caress as he walks out of the office door into the chilly night air. To me they are the Romeo and Juliette, our office’s star crossed lovers. And sadly doomed to never truly be together.

In recent months a new man has come into her life. Taking up residence at a temporary desk near her place of work. Others come and go, only seeking a short comfort in her warm embrace. While he calls upon her just as her lover does. Waiting for an opportunity to move in and steal her affections.

The men have been quiet, never confronting the other. But the tension of male pride and testosterone is there. It hangs in the air around them, wafting ever so slowly over to my desk. They want her attentions all to themselves. No matter who stands in their way.

Sadly the weather is changing. Soon the wet winter chill will be no more. The warmth of spring will take its place, along with the birth of new life. The queen will have to be put to rest, our own sleeping beauty. The men will have to say good bye to their lovely mistress of the winter months. For it is almost time to store the kerosene heaters, the queen will soon be collecting dust.


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