Last month a band of four ALT women loaded themselves into a car and headed to onsen bliss. That is right, myself and three other ALT lady friends of mine headed down to Fukuoka area to hit up the famous city of Beppu. It is wildly known for its hundreds of natural onsens.img_2921

An onsen is a hot spring that is often turned into a bath or bath house. They are widely popular here in Japan. I for one LOVE them! Almost everyone loves them once they give it a try but many people can’t get over the fact that you need to be naked and bath in front of others.

Like I had mentioned, the group I was with was all women. I would like to think that our weekend of bathing, eating, and sleeping was a wonderful bonding opportunity that most wouldn’t get to try. Hell, going to an onsen is really are letting it all out for others to see. Literally barring it all!

The four of us had a great time. We literally drove, ate, bathed, and slept. I don’t think we did much of anything else. If I remember correctly we stayed in an outdoor spring for over four hours chatting away. What made it all even better is that while it was cold and snowing back in Yamaguchi, we sat in hot steaming pools relaxing. Even when it snowed in Beppu too!

In all my life I have not really opened up and spoken with my girlfriends about the nitty gritty. When I say nitty gritty I mean hard core girl talk. It was so nice to open up and feel like I have people here in Japan that I can open up to. I have started to speak more openly about these kinds of things with my close friends from back home, but we never really dive to hard into each others private lives. It was a great experience and I hope to do it again sometime!


2 thoughts on “Beppu

  1. It looks like an amazing time! I never got to go to a hot spring, but I was able to experience a bath house… and being naked in front of your friends. Haha… I can’t say I have any friends like that at this time, so I am a bit jealous of that. :-/


    1. I love both bath houses and onsens! It is a lot of fun. I am not that shy about going to either of them so it makes it easy to just do it. But when you can have girl talk on top of it, it makes the lazy bath time more enjoyable. If you ever come for a visit I’ll take you!


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