Post-Relay, 柳井駅伝

Well… I am alive.


The run was not as smooth as I was hoping. For the life of me I could not steady my breath to an even pace. With a rasping short intakes of breath I sounded as though I was dying, but even in death I kept on running.

In the end my team took 10th place. The male teachers ran better times and lengths than I did, but I hope to improve for next year. I am going to challenge being the 2nd runner for the schools teachers team once again. I will do my best to get a better time and better place.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and cheered for anyone who was running. Students, teachers, and company employees ran against one another all in the name of fun. There was no “my team is the BEST” kind of attitudes. Runners and spectators alike cheered and rooted for people they have never seen or met. It was a great day for lifting spirits regardless of if you came in first or last.

Still, I better officially start running again, been really lazy these last few months. I haven’t been as consistent as I was in the past either. And with the Ube Country Run coming up this March, I better get on that.


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