PRE-Relay, 柳井駅伝

This relay might just kill me.


Monday I got the nerve to find my starting point for the relay race this coming Sunday. Well I found where I will be waiting for runner #1 to pass me the sash. But then I had the bright idea ‘why not give it a shot.’ Yeah, I tried to run my 2.7 kilometers (1.6 miles).

Now running the distance isn’t an issue. I often run as a means of working out, but I don’t often challenge myself to run difficult courses. It is often flat with little hills here and there. Well… There are no little bumps on this race. I have a freaking hill to run up. Really two hills if you ask me.

The first 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) isn’t an issue. It is flat with no twists and turns. It isn’t until the first turn that the difficulties start. That is where the path slowly starts to incline to the base of the main hill. From there you have to run up what might be a 45 degree angle that soon changes to a 55 degree. You run up that until you reach the first set of lights.

But wait, I am not finished. Once you turn left at the lights you can see that there is another incline you are expected to run up. Oh and get this, it is even steeper than the last little part. That was only halfway.  Don’t get me wrong, there is like a five second reprieve of flat space but does it help? No, because you are still gasping for air. Just looking up the last hill you know ‘this is where I die.’ And to make matters worse the path turns from a nice cobble stone brick path to a mess of loose gravel and sand, making the run up it a killer additional pain.img_2423

By the time I finally made it to my end mark I was out of breath and sweating like a beast. It was a struggle. Hell, I had to stop a two times up the hill. I was struggling to breathe too much. But come Sunday, I know that stopping won’t be an option. I am the only girl on an all guys team. I refuse to be the weak link.

Wish me luck and hope I don’t die. Because I am worried that I just might not make it up this hill of death. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that the students will also be running in teams. AGAINST US! Students of the soft baseball team, the regular baseball team, and track and field kids. Yeah…I am going to die.



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