Playing Hooky

The other day two teachers from school and I went out for lunch. Since it is test time for the students teachers will sneak away during lunch time to grab something more appealing than their everyday teachers bento.

I have been carted around to various places during test weeks for lunch during my time here in Japan, but this time our little group hopped in our cars and went next door to the island of Suo-Oshima. There we would eat a fabulous but simple bowl of ramen. This ramen isn’t like your average ramen either. Most ramen soups are pork or soy sauce based, while this one is dashi (fish) based broth.

Since coming to Japan I have had my fair share of ramen. I have tried all kinds of different broths and noodles of every type. This ramen was so smooth and light, it was easy to eat no matter what your food preferences are. The broth doesn’t feel heavy and it is not overly greasy like some broths. I highly recommend you give it a try if you ever find yourself on the far side of Suo-Oshima island. Just look for the little shop called Tanabachi Soba. But be warned, it isn’t the cleanest looking place around.

Timg_2260he drive from school took over an hour one way and since we still had “plenty” of time to get back to school, we stopped at a jam shop and cafe. Unfortunately the cafe was closed, but we still could wonder around the shop testing out the different kind of jams.

The colors and smells that permeated the air from the sweet little jam jars was heaven. One could not say no to buying a jar or two because of it. And that is exactly what I did.

Still having time on our hands the three of us decided to check out another cafe since the Jam Garden Cafe was closed. We hopped back into the cars and drove down the road to a little cafe known for its okonomiyaki.img_2264

Since Yamaguchi is close to Hiroshima people often eat that style of okonomiyaki (okonomyaki with noodles, often soba or udon types). This cafe offered kansai style, no noodles and isn’t layered, the batter is mixed with the ingredients more.

We had two kinds that we split between the three of us. One was topped with an omelet and cheese. While the other was Korean styled, meaning it had some gochujang (red pepper paste) mixed in.

All three of us enjoyed the food and chatted away as we ate. We paid little attention to the time until two of us made it back into the car. We had left school around 1:00 pm. It was now ten to four, the time I was supposed to be off work.

So in the end I felt like I had finally played hooky, something I never had done in my whole high school career. There was plenty of skipping class/school in college, but since I am now teaching within a high school setting the feeling was totally different.

I walked into the office to pick up my things, but as I sat down at my desk a teacher came up to me and said “Amanda it’s time.” Meaning it was time for me to leave school. I laughed at myself inside my head, if only the teachers really knew where I had been.


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