ALT Office Life – The Winter Lover

The school heaters have finally been placed in the teacher’s office. That means that NY sensei (let’s just call him that for reasons of not using his real name) can have his girlfriend back. Yes you read that correctly, girlfriend.

NY sensei and I banter around a bit, throwing jokes at one another. It keeps the blandness of office life at a more tolerable level. Sometimes we just do silly little things for one another that have no meaning at all, but we still do them regardless.

One time I blew up a balloon, drew a face on it, and added a bright pink wig to the mix. There was really no rhyme or reason but to get a little bit of a chuckle from him. It did its job. Another time he left a 3D paper owl on my desk that he made while working on examples for the 1-2 class during preparations for the school festival.

One thing that NY sensei can’t stand is the cold. He despises being cold, really. If he could wrap himself in a kotastu I think he would. Since the first day that the temperature was starting to slowly decrease in its deadly intensity, he has been slowly putting on more layers of clothes. And since we are in temperatures below 15c (60f) he has done nothing but say “it is cold.”

This is where his beloved girlfriend comes in. Last year we had been talking about the weather and how it was cold outside, but that I wasn’t too fazed by it. Yay for Minnesota cold resistance powers, MCRP! Anyway, he talked about how much he liked sitting close to a heater. I jokingly said that he must love his new spot, right next to it. Sumi (Sumitomo) sensei joined in and said that he had a really prime spot.

Sumi and I began to talk about how much he really must like the heater. Every morning he would come into the office, muttering how cold it was. Then to stand directly in front of his heater, since he is the only teacher who’s desk is literally right next to it. Sumi and I continued to bring up how much care and love he gives to the heater. Stories of how would place his hands tenderly on the top of it as he would sigh in content from the heat. Or how he would stand protectively around it taking in all the warmth and heat it had to offer.

Since NY sensei doesn’t have a girlfriend but had mentioned many times how much he would like one so he had ‘someone to take care of him,’ I jumped at the chance to pick on him. “Oh! Sumi, NY sensei does have a girlfriend. We just didn’t know that she was so close!” I said to the two of them as they looked at with a confused expression. “She is the heater. We all know how much he LOVES her.”

Everyone started laughing at the idea that someone could love a heater so much, but we knew it held a little bit of truth.

Since the heaters had been fired up yesterday and NY sensei was away at Kencho, I had to jump at the opportunity to tell him that his girlfriend had returned to him. I at least waited until after the morning meeting to do so. But we both got a chuckle out of it.


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