The Smiles of Living Angels

The other day I got visit the Tabuse Special Needs School once again. I had the opportunity to visit once earlier this year, sometime in June, but to be able to visit again was just as heart warming as the first time.

This time around I would with different levels then I had last time. Though all the children have different kids of needs, they work well in the groups they have been placed in. I didn’t spend the whole day within a class room, there was office desk sit time, I watched the students laugh, grow, and learn together.

My favorite moments that I witness was the care that the students showed towards one another. Students who needed more help than others had students that would watch out  for them, like an older sibling. During these moments my heart filled with joy and warmth to the point I thought it might burst.

Gift from the 12th grade class. Rooster calendar for the coming new year.

But no only are the students great, but the staff is amazing as well. This school is solely a school for those with learning disabilities or needs that a “normal” child wouldn’t need. Meaning the staff has to be ready for anything. Students are not going to be the average everyday immature high school students, and the teachers are ready for that. Along with having warm hearts and caring attitudes towards the students and each other.

Another moment that will stay with me was the good byes. I was asked by a teacher that I worked with that day to say goodbye to her class. As I made my way out to the bus stop to wait with the students I became surrounded by students who wanted to ask me questions, and say “good bye” and “SEE YOU!” Once again my heart warmed to the cute and innocent faces of these darling students.

I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had and hopefully will get to have with this school. Though I have only visited twice, I hope that I can once again join the students in learning English, but more so learning from one another. I am currently looking into volunteering for the Special Olympics that are held in Iwakuni in October. Though it is almost a year away I am looking forward to the endless possibilities.


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