Been craving me some chilly…

The morning was rather chilly as I got ready for my day at my apartment. I knew that I would not be suffering from feeling overly hot today. It was a whopping 9 degrees Celsius, about 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm sweater and a jacket had been a must!

Fall is slowly changing to winter and with it comes chilly winter air, sometimes snow (depending on where you live), and sickness. And just like that it came to be that time of year again… The kids are getting sick.

On this particular morning as I sat at my desk doing my only morning chore, smiling and saying good morning to everyone (cuz lets be honest what else do I have to offer?) the teachers office phones had been ringing away. Parents voices polity came through phone lines into the patient ears of teachers to speak about the health of their child. Plenty of “OOOsan has a headache” or “OOOkun is out with a cold” had been passed on to homeroom teachers about their students.

Heck the basket ball team is together suffering from a cold at the moment. They clearly are true team players, great sportsmanship boys! But it stems from the fact that they dip their cups into the same water container. Great way to spread a flu, cold, or what have you. Even calling them out on it does nothing to make changes.

The weather is going to get colder and the classrooms will finally get the heaters turned on. Meaning the rooms will turn into the perfect hot boxes for incubationing illness and disease. I think this is another reason I am okay with suffering with the my decaying LL room. The kids aren’t in there all day long, so sickness gets killed off a little faster than in the classroom. I also disinfect it from top to bottom often. Influenza is no laughing matter here.

Aside from that I am counting down the days until thanksgiving is over. Then I can start trying to get my soul into the holiday spirit of Christmas. Yes, that is right, I AM GOING TO BE BLARING CHRISTMAS MUSIC! I just have to wait until the 26th of November to start. Yes, I am THAT person. Then, in honor of my Mother, I will start the Cherish the Ladies music marathon. Happy holidays! 


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