“It won`t get cold…”

Yes, I was whiny. I wanted sweater weather so bad. I wanted to cuddle up into my cardigans and blankets while enjoying the Autumn air. But I think I wanted it too badly. You see, I craved it like a horny slut. But now I can only reap the benefits of what I sowed…

The temperature is currently 19C (61F). That would be ample sweater weather back home in Minnesota. But right now it might just be the fact that the sun is hidden away by the lazy gray cloud or it is just the sad possibility I am no longer accustomed to the chill that clings to the air.

As I have said Japan summers are hot and humid. Add in the addition of a scorching sun and you have a living hell on earth. I think I have described it as a sauna you can`t get away from. As of today I have partaken in two of these so called summers while living here in Japan. While I have lived through them both,  I have obtained a few battle scares. Or better known as my never ending run-ins with sun burn.

Now that I have made it through these high temps I think my inner heater is all messed up. I am still a walking furnace. I have always had a high base temperature, which my  doctors visit two weeks ago can attest to. It seems that I have lost some of my ability to withstand some of the cooler temperatures.

Currently my toes and fingers are chilled while I sit at my desk at my visit school writing this. Now that I think of it my nose is a little chilled as well. Now the question of what I am wearing comes into play. I have on a sweater, tank top, pants, and socks. I am not under dressed, but not over dressed either.

Winter, I was told, has officially started as of yesterday. Though it is by no means winter yet, the cold winter chill is slowly creeping in. The winters here are by no means Minnesota cold and there has never been a day that has been recorded as “colder than planet mars.” Still, I am sad to say that I think I have become weak. Though I will gladly say that I will always be stronger against the cold than most if not all of the people living in Japan. But in South Korea, I know it gets cold there.

For now I will just have to snuggle up to a nice hot cup of shitty office coffee. Cheers.


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