“Popping pussies into pies…”


It is one of my favorite times of year. The month emanates feelings of warmth and a scene of wonder that can only be found in youthful bliss. It is the beginning of sweater weather, hot drinks, and festivities for the fall and winter seasons. But the best part is it is time for horror movies and scary stories.

While sweater weather has finally hit Japan, the scariness that is October has been hard to come by. In the United States TV channels will play Halloween themed movies and shows all month long. Though they often do the same thing for Christmas as well, here in Japan you wont find such things.

Now Japan might put out a few Halloween decorations here and there or make some kind of Halloween themed food item, like a cookie, but it pales in comparison to the frivolous fanfare that is Halloween back home. It is the second largest grossing holiday next to Christmas, go figure. With all that candy handed out in one day you can only imagine the money that is rolling in.


Since I can`t get the Halloween I grew up with I have turned to other means of getting into the holiday spirit. What has been dragging me down is Netflix has not let me view the American based options for a while. This year they have released Netflix in Japan. Making my ability to view the shows posted only in America even harder to view. Yes, there are some shows that you can view on Netflix no matter where you are, like the Netflix original shows and movies, “but I want so much more than they`ve got planned.”

What you cannot find are a lot of the more popular shows and movies that are avalible in the states. I am longing to see Sweeny Todd or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Nether are posted to be able to view on the Japan side of Netflix. Though I am not entirely sure they can be viewed on the American side either, but there is a higher chance.

I am currently teaching a Halloween themed lesson. Within the lesson I have a listening activity for my students. They listen to a song while filling in the mission words on their worksheet of the lyrics. The song? `This is Halloween` from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have to teach this lesson 8 times at each of my schools. I play it twice a lesson and I have already been listening to the sound track while preparing for said lesson. SOMEONE JUST LET ME WATCH THE MOVIE!

I have not let this get me down. In Halloween spirit I have already been wondering around Netflix looking at what there is to watch. I have already finished watching a few movies,  The Crow, Lords of Salam, Hush, and The Adams Family. While some are odd ball movies they had their perks. Regardless I was getting into the Halloween spirit!

Which brings me to Halloween weekend/day…

This year I have nothing planned. Last year I roamed about Fukuoka with two friends of mine from university. One has already gone back home to the states and the other is working and getting ready to start her big girl job. I know we could meet up, but I am just exhausted at the idea of travel, spending money, and figuring out something to do. Thus I will spend the festive holiday at home.

While I am okay with all that I am longing for a buddy to sit with me and watch horror films while drinking a few bottles of wine. Is that too much to ask? Currently I don`t have that buddy; go figure. Instead it is going to be me and all the spooky mind games that come with watching horror films. Because you know what they say, you are never alone in a room when watching horror films.

Here is to drinks and what ever Halloween like movies are on Netflix in Japan! HAPPY FALL FESTIVITIES Y`ALL!


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