Sock Shock

So, I have noticed something around the school. The girls started to wear black socks. Black! Okay, I know. You are thinking to yourself, `Amanda… What the hell?` But no for real, hear me out.

My base school is rather strict. They try to uphold the rules of the school to a T. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. They do regular checks on the student’s uniforms, hair styles/color, and physical appearance. Heck, my girl students get checked for the length of their finger nails!

Though in all honesty, any day other than a uniform check day is rather lax and students don’t get hassled about it, unless it had been regarding the state of their uniform. The girls are known to try to roll their skirts up to make them shorter.

That is where the sock shock comes in.

Students have been trying for years to get the school uniform policy to change, or at least so I have been told, and all they are looking to change are the color of their socks. The girls have never liked that they are supposed to wear white socks or stockings. They have repeatedly used the argument that the pure color dirties too easily. Add the custom of taking on and off our shoes repeatedly throughout the day into the mix, along with the fact that the students wear open toed slippers all day long; Yeah, those white socks are going to get a little dirty.

Hence why they have asked countless times to change the color from white to black. I think that is a simple change, don’t you? Apparently not because you know that the school has been around for over one hundred years, why change now? The boys have not had an issue with this either. Why? Boys have always been able to wear black socks. Lucky them, right?

I never really will understand how everyone let the mix-and-match, colored sock thing go on for so long. Most schools are all about the students looking all the same, having no diversity, because as you know there is no room for the students to add their own flair to their uniforms. Everyone has to match. But the socks don’t?

Regardless of the whole thing, the students happened to win this year. Girls are now permitted to wear black socks and stockings to school. But for me this causes confusion.

Last year around this time I thought I finally had started to be able to differentiate the students uniforms while seeing them out on the street because at that time, as well as now, they have changed into their fall uniforms to battle against the fall chill that is now hanging in the air. BUT this year they have now added the additional challenge of everyone having different socks.

I no longer have my main indication of what school they are from. My base school and a visit school have the same color uniform and now the kids are wearing the same socks. I know… It is tough, but I will find a new indicator! It won’t be as easy from a far distance though.

Though I think I can let the whole thing slide. I think I am most shocked and surprised that the school made a change. Something that is a little hard to do around these parts. So, way to go students! It is possible to make change in this land that is trapped in a mindset of the 70’s, even if it is just about the color of socks.


PS. Sweater weather if FINALLY here!


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