Knit me a Dream

I have been daydreaming.

I am often daydreaming about this and that. It feels good to let my mind wander to let my imagination play while I wheedle away the hours of any given day. Sadly recently it has not been thoughts of adventure, of elegant savory fattening foods, or romantic ideas of finding Mr. Right; the last one some would like to argue differently. What has happened to my playful thoughts? They aren’t dead; it’s just that they have turned into dreaming of warmer things.

Summer is passing and with it the humidity and heat have started to decline. Thank gawd for that! This means fall is on its way. Who can’t be excited about that? But what has this got to do with my daydreaming? Well it has everything to do with it because it is what has been eating away at my mind for weeks. Yes, that is right I have been dreaming of sweater weather.

My Line, a popular messaging application in Japan, has been blowing up with messages from UNIQLO and GU. Every message has been about the clothing brands fall lines. Along with notices about sales but that isn`t anything new. Seeing the layered looks and soft snuggly long sleeved cardigans has been slowly driving me insane. I want to bust out my fall gear and ring in the new season! My closet calls to me, whispering taunting messages of comfort only autumn clothing can bring. My sweaters need to be freed!

I have never been one to layer, but I have started to contemplate giving it a try. I recently saw a jean jacket I would like to give a shot. I know jean jacket, something from the 90s but hell it is all coming back! But with the summer weather the way it is there is no way in hell you could get me to layer an outfit more than I already do. You thought the tank top I was wearing was for fashion layering? Oh no my friend, think again. That was a hidden layer of battle armor. It was just a layer to help soak up the sweat!

You see there are days where a person can stand perfectly still and still sweat as though they are running a marathon. Yes, that is right. Here in Japan it feels like you are constantly living in a sauna you can’t escape from. The AC is your friend, your best friend, but sometimes it lets you down like only a friend can.

Still… I dream. I want to be able to feel the cool autumn breeze across my face. To see the leaves start to take on their bright assortment of colors. To have the freedom to put on a layer of clothes, instead of wanting to rid myself of the additional heat they provide. To no longer dream of roaming the world as if I was newly born, completely naked.

If anything I dream of the day when the humidity will go down and I can enjoy the weather without feeling like I am going to die at any moment. Sometimes it all is just too suffocating.

So until then I will continue to dream of sweater weather. Luckily my fall senses have been tingling! That can only mean one thing! My dream is just around the corner.


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