Things Here\There\Everywhere

These days, every day seems busy and yet isn’t. I cannot seem to explain it. I have things that I would like to do for myself, like study or something of that nature, but then on top of that I am constantly getting pulled into something totally different by both teachers and students. Let`s just say that every day there is never a dull moment and it has sadly left little time to write.

The Little Things Here and There

I have been working hard on an online class to get TEFL/TESL certification. There are a total of 20 units for the class and I am about 3/4 of the way finished. I currently just tackled the unit 15 test. Five more to go!

I have been slowly trying to get my life cleaned up and packed up. Less than a week from today I will be on a plane flying back to the states. Yes, that is right…I will be headed back to the mother land for a ten day trip. Too short, yet too long. It is complicated.

I have been distracted by my students. Not really news, I know, but it is the truth. Everyone is on summer break and the extra “summer” lessons have officially been completed. So I spend my time running about school to check-in with the sports clubs that are practicing. The days have been really hot and humid. I worry about the heat and the students. We have already had a few get sick because of it.

I have gotten new contacts and fixed my glasses. The eye doctor in Japan is set up way different from the states. I was a little surprised by the difference. Patients had been shuffled around like cattle. Waiting in lines and slowly going through the eye check-up process. The set up for the office felt closer to an actual doctor’s office as well.  It was odd, but effective.

I have been traveling about a lot recently as well. I don`t know why I have been keeping myself so busy every weekend. It`s not like I am never coming back or anything. I am only going to be gone for 10 days. Anyway, I have been to see friends in Kagawa on the island of Shikoku. Recently I went to the far side of Hiroshima to play with rabbits on rabbit island. Now this weekend I will go to Shimonoseki with Sumitomo-sensei.

The Big Things to Come

Friday is a Kencho day. Kencho is what we call the bigger meetings held in Yamaguchi city for the ALTs at Kencho (Government Office Building). This meeting happens to be our re-contracting and new incoming ALT session. It is not fun, nor is it very effective. I think a rewrite of the system is in order, but I can`t say that will ever really happen. Though they are trying a few new things, I guess that is a start.

My 10 day trip to the states! Yes, it is going to be long and tiring but I will be loving my nephew Cooper the whole time. It is going to be great! But…Right after I come back from the states on the 19th I will have to go to a welcome party for a high school exchange student that is coming from France. She will be staying with Akita-san’s family first, hence why I am closely involved already with this particular exchange student, because she really will have nothing to do with any of my high schools.

THEN there is also the three day English Camp that will start on the first Monday after I come back. That will keep me busy and exhausted. I will need to be high energy 24/7 and will likely crash when it is bed time. I am excited that one of my students from Tabuse Nouko will be there. It will be the first English camp I work that will have one of my own in attendance.

RIGHT AFTER the camp I will be headed off for three days in Himeji with Yanai Koko’s kendo team. They have a long practice session there and have invited me along for the trip. We will be staying at a hostel but I have been told it will be closer to camping. I have no complaints, and I already warned Sumitomo-sensei that I am likely to pass out in the car. No worries, I already got the okay to do just that.

Once all that is done school is right around the corner. I am currently worrying that I am going to be swamped with trying to have my online class finished before school starts again and to get lesson plans in order for my classes.

Let’s just hope I can survive till the end. Wish me luck!


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