Until my teeth fall out or rot.

I have talked several times about my supervisor Sumitomo-sensei. She the most wonderfully loving and caring personality. Yes, she has her silly spells of awkwardness and being a little ditsy, but that never overshadows how great of a person she is.

One of my favorite quirks about her is her insatiable sweet tooth. She loves her sweets, cakes, candies, and ice cream. If is has sugar in it, she will likely love it! Since our very first encounter at the Ube airport when I arrived with the other new ALTs, she has taken me under her wing. I have spent a lot of time with her since then and because of that I have learned a lot about Japanese treats. These days while eating lunch together she often opens her desk drawer and magically pulls out a treat or two. On really good days it is a box full of sugary treats.

I have nicknamed her drawer the “black whole of sweets.” It is never ending, bottom less drawer. Recently it has become more than one drawer in more than one desk. She currently sits next to an empty desk in the second years desk arrangement. Her own desk has slowly been spilling over to said “free” desk. It is not so free now.


Can`t imagine this drawer yet? Think of it like Mary Poppins carpet bag. Instead of pulling out a lamp, chair, coat rack, mirror, really everything and anything, sweets are a never ending treasure to be found within. No, you will not Mary Poppins famous cold medicine, but put your hand within and pull out a piece of sweet cake paired with a cookie or two. That is the black whole of sweets.

Though I have been trying my best to continue to eat healthy and stay away from a lot of sugary sweets, this goal doesn`t seem possible most days. With the teachers office always full of treats and a loving older sister for a supervisor, I am always getting my sweet tooth is always getting its fill. Sumitomo-sensei has even started to give treats to me in larger amounts. My desk is forming its own sweets collection. But who can really say no to sweets? I certainly can`t, can you?


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