Is it really to much to ask for?

Living in the huge yet rural prefecture that is Yamaguchi it is often hard to find the comforts of home. And what I mean by that is a quick easy cup of coffee. Yeah, I am talking about chain coffee shops like Starbucks and what have you. Good luck finding that in this place.

Okay, so there is a Starbucks in Shimono-seki, but that is hours away from the little city of Yanai. Then there are Tully`s and Mister Donut, but once again Yanai is lacking in those types of stores. Okay, I guess I am lying a little here. There is a Mister Donu in YouMe Town, but that isn`t an easy stop for most people on foot. Also the coffee isn`t good, trust me. There are also a few cafes and coffee shops, but it is for those who want to sit down and pleasantly enjoy their black cup of coffee. No way is a person going to get a coffee to go.

Where is all this coming from? Well… I have been trying to find coffee that I can enjoy the taste of while drinking it. Also hopefully easy to buy at a store or conbini that is close to me in Yanai. This has been a huge struggle. Because once again was I fooled by the possibility of having the tasty goodness of a delicious prepackaged coffee all because I judged a book by its cover, or in this case can.

I should know by now that most packaged coffees are not going to taste good. I have tried for years in the states and failed. Why would Japan be any different? Well, the expectation is a little higher. I mean this is Japan, they are supposed to be the land of everything awesome, right?

Though at Seven 11 I have fallen for their coffee machine. It comes fresh from a rather entertaining coffee maker. Hot or iced it is tasty! The issue… I can`t take the “to go” cup on the train with me. While other times it is hard to walk to work with my hands full of essentials for my day trying awkwardly to hold a cup of either piping hot or freezing cold coffee at the same time. Spill that on yourself and the day will likely be ruined.

Regardless of if it is a hot freshly brewed cup of teacher`s office room coffee or a not so creamy canned coffee full of sweetener, I guess I am just going to have to drink my shitty coffee and deal with it. At least for today anyway.


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