Saying Goodbye

The weekend what full of drinking, eating, and more drinking. It all started on Friday night at a teachers party only only the first year teachers, but it moved right into the early hours of Saturday morning. Later that day I would get to party all over again. This time for the leaving ALTs within Yamaguchi prefecture.

When a group of foreign people from all over the world come together to do the same job, things happen, and wither you like it or not a bond is made. We might not always see eye to eye, and we are by no means going to like every single ALT out there, but there is a sense of kinship created between us all. Everyone is working and fighting battles that are similar to one another, but there are still our differences with the experiences we have.

So in true foreigners fashion the weekend flowed with alcohol, food, and dancing. We rented all of the cabins at a campsite on Umashima island and let loos as the night rocked and rolled. We laughed, we danced, people cried, and no one got overly hurt. There was of course drunken scrapes and bruises to be had, that is always unavoidable.

At one point in the night I walked off on my own to the beach near our camp site. While watching the rolling waves of the sea, the changing hues of the sun set, I realized that as I had watched people hug and chat about silly little things for a major part of the day, I didn`t know everyone as well as I should. That there are faces I hardly see. People I hardly know. But I am okay with that. The fact that a large part of the Yamaguchi ALT community could come together for a weekend of crazy fun was enough. Because like I said, wither we like it or not we are brethren.

We said our goodbyes with smiles and farewells full of all the best wishes we could muster. There is still happiness in knowing the faces that will remain for another year. Though I don`t know how long we all will be together, I hope that I can make it until the end. Be the one that knows everything, that has all the best secrets, that can guide the baby ALTs to a better life. Until that day it is good bye for now and hello to a new full year of the ALT life.


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