“If I go Back”

Recently a group of ALTs got together for a girls night from Yamaghuchi prefecture. It was a great night spent eating and drinking to much. Then dancing and/or singing the night way. This all took place in Hiroshima city, our next door neighbor.

During the trip many of us started the conversation “If I go back.” Now I can`t say that this is true for all the ALTs within our area but many of us who have come from the Untied States, including myself, have not been too thrilled with the idea of going home, even if it is just for a visit.

What are the reasons? Well, these days there seems to be too many to count. A few of mine  happen to deal greatly with recent events that have been occurring in the land I call home.

The Election

social-2016-trump-hilI will be honest and say that I am not doing a great job of following the current election race. I am not a good source for updates and I am rather good at keeping my social media feeds clear of anything political. But what I have learned from watching countless posts about who the candidates are and what they hope to accomplish… All the hate and discrimination.

Let`s just say I`m no longer proud to say I am an American. Most times I cringe to just utter the words. I have a foreboding feeling about this election.

Is it really the land of the free?

When you are no longer feel safe living in your own neighborhood and you feel the eyes of someone who is possibly out to get you, why would anyone want to go back to that? The ridiculous outcome of the Stanford University rape case, the mass shooting as a hate crime against the LGBT community, Trump literally becoming the next Adolf Hitler, and this is just to name a few.

“That`s it! I am moving to Canada.”

-Said Amanda Hayes several times this month already.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions and  ideas, yet no one has the tolerance or respect for each other to at least listen. Everyone is right, while everyone is wrong. It makes living peacefully impossible.

Revers Culture Shock

Personally I feel that didn`t get hit hard with culture shock after I arrived in Japan, but japanese-foodgoing back to the states is going to be a totally different story. I am worried about the angry looks, the back stabbing ways, and the rude behavior of others. The miss guided ways of those who are ignorant and intolerant towards others will surely drive me insane. I know not all of the United States has been blackened by greed and selfish ways, but I fear that is all the world sees from us.

And I am really just going to miss all the wonderful food I can easily eat in Japan.

August is just around the corner. I have booked a flight back to Minnesota to spend a little over one week  visiting family and friends. When the time comes it will have been I over a year since I last had been there. I am looking forward to being able to hold my nephew, little Cooper, help my sister with a project or two, and chat away with the wonderfuly sassy Pama and my Grandma Betty. I also hope to get some fishing in with my Grandpa and Father too.

But within that time I hope the United States can prove me wrong. To show me that there is light hidden within the cloud of darkness that seems to have engulfed the country.


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