ALT Office Life – Changing that Light Bulb

Since it is the end of the month and after pay day it is time to pay bills and send money home for my student loans. Yay for me… With no morning lessons to worry about I was out and about in the rain running a few of the errands. While I was out a light happened to go out in the teacher`s office.

I don`t know the full details of when and how the light went out, but for some reason it was failing. The interesting part is that it went out right above my desk. I am worried it might be a bad sign of something that is to come.

Now the lights in the office are the long florescent tube lights.They work well in offices, department store, and so one but they are difficult to work with when installing or changing the light. Well, when I returned that is how I found a few of the main office staff and teachers, struggling to replace the light above my desk.

The newest and youngest office staff member was awkwardly atop a ladder handing off a light as I walked onto the scene. He then worked his way down the ladder to switch with another person, one of our younger teachers. Now there was not just one or two people working on changing this light. No, that would be the American way right? Like a custodian changing the light; there might even be two of them to do it.

There was six people in total working on this one task, if we break it down there was two office staff members and four teachers. Four now watching the teacher who climbed up the ladder after the young staff member got down. Another at the light switch waiting for the teacher to put in the new light.

It was an interesting site to walk in on. I guess we could say there was seven in total working/watching the task unfold after I joined in, but I couldn`t do much more than watch. The light fixture was above my desk.

After everyone did a little hurrah for a job well done, I went back to my desk. There one of the teachers said that a light tube had actually fallen out of the light fixture, but thankfully a teacher had caught it. The part I am not sure about is if it just randomly fell out of the fixture or if something happened while they had tried to replace the light before I arrived on the scene. Either way a broken florescent light is a terrible mess, especially if it would have been on my head!

Either way I am just glad that no one was harmed in the changing of the light bulb.


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