Green Tea is the Flavor of my Life

Coming to Japan I have learn many new things about myself.One being my love for everything and anything green tea. While you can get green tea in the states, it just isn’t the same.


There is a cute cafe I have found in the Hiroshima area called nana’s green tea. No that is not a grammatical error they really have the letters written in lower case. I have the stamp card to prove it.

The cafe has a great assortment of green tea drinks and cakes to chose from to eat. But like any other cafe in Japan, they also serve food and have a variety of non-green tea drinks to chose from as well. That is if you are not feeling the green tea vibe that day.

The cafe also serves specialty cakes and drinks for each season and some holidays. I was there during the hanami (sakura viewing) season. At that time I got an iced matcha tea latte and a sakura mochi roll cake. The flavor of the cake was strawberry like in taste, but really was closer to the actual Japanese traditional treat sakrua mochi, 桜餅.

While sakura mochi is made up of rice, anko (red bean paste), and wrapped in a salted sakura leaf, the cake didn’t have anko. It did however have the same sweetness of the rice cake and the salty bitter flavor of the sakura leaf. It just happened to have a delicious cream filling instead.

I highly recommend hitting up nana’s green tea if you are every in the vicinity of one.Japan has a long standing history with the traditions surrounding green tea. For a real Japanese experience green tea is a must. So why not try nana’s green tea? The staff had been helpful and patient with me and my broken Japanese. The seating had been quaint, nice fore a small group of friends or even solo. The food and drinks are well prepared, delicious and served with a smile.


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