Made the flight home with only seconds to spare! – GW

In the first week of May there are three consecutive holidays celebrated in Japan; Constitution Memorial Day, Greenery Day, and Children’s Day. So the holidays have been nicknamed Golden Week. Many find themselves with a week off from their jobs. This has caused the holiday to be known as the time of travel. Plans are full with no last minute seats open, the shinkanshen have no available seats so many are left standing, and subways/trains in larger cites are packed to the brim with people and luggage.

Since I am a teacher and hired by the government, like all Japanese teachers in Japan, we do not have school on those three holidays days. Though some teachers still have sports club events to deal with, I did not. I instead took the opportunity to travel to Fukushima with Ryo, a long time friend from university.

It was only for three days but I was able to meet and visit with his immediate family members and visit local sites. I also was over fed by family members. I had three cups of yogurt on the fist day we arrived. Plus Ryo’s family owns a bakery where they make Japanese sweets, so I got my choice of scrumptious treats to overload my stomach with.

Other things that I got to do while on the trip was to visit Miharu to see one of the three largest sakura trees in Japan. I also went to the Abukuma Cave to see the beauty  of limestone. There was also our stop in Hirata to see the beautiful flowers that are known as sakura that bloom from the ground.We taveled to Koriyama to do some shopping and take a picture with GREEEEN’s door.

The rough part about the trip was that it was a little rocky between Ryo and I. He is still the same old Ryo. We often fought and bickered, leaving me tired and hurt because of it. Though, through it all I was still able to enjoy my time on the trip. We fight like siblings and bicker like Frank and Marie in ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’

The best part was growing to love his family. Like a ton! If I could marry just his family, and not have to marry him, I would. His mother is sweet and bubbly. His uncle is funny and charming. His uncle’s wife is warm and full of smiles. His grandparents are so adorable and dotting. Together they all made my stay one I will cherish for a long time.


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