When Amanda Wore a Skirt

I can say I am not the most girly girl out there. I am rather a tom boy in my own way. I often wear pants and a t-shirt and call it good. I have slowly been working on my fashion sense. I still have a long ways to go.

Working as a teacher I see many of the teachers in skirts and dresses. I have never been one to get all hyped about a skirt. I rather enjoy wearing pants. Today though I wore a skirt to school, something I normally never do. I kept hearing the whispers of “cute” and “kawaii” as I walk the halls. Some students even ran up to me to say “Amanda so cute today!” or “Your skirt is very cute!”

I even surprised some of the boys. At lunch I ran into some of the baseball boys and I got a few up down looks from them. Like they have never seen me in a skirt before. I know I wore one once or twice before this, but both skirts had been very black in color and accompanied by black tights.

Today’s look is very spring like. White and blue pinstriped skirt with a navy blue button up blows. Simple like my t-shirt and jeans, but cuter and work appropriate. I find it funny how I can surprise my kids with the simple task of wearing a skirt. It is always with the simplest things that get them.

Beside finding out that the kids like seeing me in a skirt, I have also come to learn that a skirt might be a good way to beat the humid Japanese summer heat. But I feel like I am totally hanging out for all the world to see. With just a pair of underwear underneath as my second line of defense… I feel so open.

Then there is the breeze and drafts you get when not wearing pants. It is just unnerving, I don’t know how some girls can do it all day everyday. A light wind comes my way and my mind goes crazy thinking my skirt is going to end up over my head leaving my lady friend hanging out for all to see. Okay, my underwear, but still!

I have come a long way from being the kid who wore thick black eyeliner, and baggy jeans everyday with a sweat shirt to top it off, but I still have a long way to go when it comes to fashion. Slowly I am finding my little niche in this colorful crazy world of clothes and design. Wish me luck!


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