A Few Bumps in the Road

The week has been a crazy whorl wind of small mess and little incidents. I never once felt like a gentle flowing river. More like the hard iron ball in a pin ball machine. Strong but gets thrown place to place while getting banged up.

Okay, so no one has thrown me anywhere. The week has just felt like there have been many little bumps throughout my days. Things just have not been going perfectly. Yet anything is hardly ever perfect.

I wan to blame the rain the last few days, but I know that won’t do much. The only thing that the rain has done is kept me from running outside. Just want I need, another excuse to not run. But I digress.

I just haven’t been on my A game. It has been more like a low B high C. I need to get back on track. I think I just need to get a little ahead of myself, plan and be more with it. Then I can edit and change life a need be at any given moment. Easier said than done right? If only it really was that simple.

I guess I could blame spring break. It really has gotten me feeling lazy. I didn’t do much for lessons and classroom preparations during the whole month of March. Now I am a mad woman trying to get lessons made, staying on task, and update the LL room. I know I could have worked on lessons during the break, but I like to make an outline of lessons off of my schedule. Something I couldn’t do because I didn’t know where and when I would be teaching at all three of my schools.

Then the updating of the LL room could have been done all of March as well, but I didn’t think of it until just recently. It was not used often in the past few years and I want to change that. I would like to use the room as and English space. When the kids walk into the room the automatically know that we will be talking and working using English. The project is started, but still incomplete.

I know I will be fine. That this is nothing but a bumpy week filled with blemishes. I just have to work harder at being the awesome me that I know I am. Not to toot my own horn or anything. Just got to dust myself off and get back to it.


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