Doing my Job, English Camp – The Parts Unseen

I had spent the night at fellow ALT Becca’s place. The following day at her school I was to attend an event. She works at Kariyo High School and is one of three ALTs there. She and I had spend the night together rather chill. Just the way we like it. Though the night was filled with chit chat on plenty of strange topics and laughter. The night was just two good friends being lazy and hanging out.

The reason I had slept over was to get to Kariyo in the morning with less of a hassle. I would have needed to get up early to catch the train over to her city. Instead I got to wake up like I would a normal school day. I had the plus of being able to get ready for the day with a friend, normally I would have been alone.

So we got ready, ate breakfast, and off we went on foot to her school. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The day could have ended happily right there but didn’t...

This day was the Kariyo English Camp. Becca was the main ALT that day. The rest of us had been there as support ALTs for the event. Really we had just been play things for the kids. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to hang out with high school kids all day. Well, it is my job and I do love it.

Anyway, trouble would ensue after the final bell of the day would ring.

The day before, before I had even set foot outside of my apartment, I had ver. sure to check the weather. Something I hardly ever do, but for some reason my gut was telling me I should. “Rain. Better pack an umbrella.” So, I did. The issue? Left it at Becca’s place.

The rain had been a light drizzle right after school. Becca and I shared the limited space under her little umbrella. It wasn’t meant for two. 

As we walked back to her place the rain started to pick up. Heavy raindrops showed down upon us as we awkwardly tried to pick up the pace.

After a quick stop at her bank we thought there was a possibly to try to wait it out. There was no sign of the down pour thinning out.

“Becca,” I said as I turned to her and continued, “would you be able to carry my phone and bag. You keep the umbrella and I’ll just brave the storm as is.” I wasn’t wearing a water proof coat and I knew I would get soaked to the bone, but since I stayed the night I knew I had a change of clothes to change into. Either way I knew that the umbrella could only save one of us.

Sopping wet we woddled our way home. Stopping only once to pick up dinner at the closest Seven Eleven. While there the staff giggled and worried over us.  A woman, bless her heart, even asked if we wanted a ride. We polity declined. The after leaving little puddles at the resisters we continued on bravely home.

In the end I was just a walking puddle and both Becca and I had rivers flowing from our shoes. Still we giggled and made light of the situation. Nothing could be done, so we embraced the situation as best we could. Once home we changed into dry clothes and chatted away while we ate our dinners.

But still the day was not finished…

Becca lives in Suo-Hanoka. It is a small city located off the Gantoku line. Which iI consider the rural train line that is known to cause issues. Due to the rain that day the train times were a mess. Trains ran 35 to 45 minutes late. I needed to go one stop over to reach the Sanyo line, Yamaguchi’s main train line.

I waited for well over an hour in my river filled shoes. I had smart enough to put back on my wet socks. No need to get dry pair wet.

Still, I couldn’t let the uncertainty of train times get me down. My phone had battery life and my ear buds had been dry. I listened to music and downloaded a new game to pass the time. 

It was relaxing sitting at the station. I wasn’t getting wet from the rain, but could listen to it as it fell onto the train stations roof. There was event a moment when I thought I would doze off.

So, after leaving Becca’s house at 7:10 p.m. I finally was able to walk up to my door at around 9:25 p.m. Well over two hours later. Though the day started out normal it ended rather messy. It wasn’t a terrible day in the least. It could most certainly have been worse.

Though I can say I no longer have an umbrella. It happened to accidentally go through the washing machine with my sopping wet clothes. It didn’t make it out alive. 


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