“Hello my Name is”

School has officially started. Students are getting back into the swing of school work and classroom lessons, no longer able to enjoy the freedom of Spring Break. I can`t say for sure how free the break had been when most of them were at school for club activities. Though many students, like the English Club members, had the freedom to do as they pleased. Either way no one was trapped in the classrooms for 45 to 50 minute lectures given by teaching staff.

For me, today is my first session of lessons this fiscal school year. My heart is beating with a nervousness like it had back in September last year. This time the situation is a little different. I am not taking over for an ALT, not starting lessons where they left off. I am the ALT.

Today`s lessons happen to be at my visit school in Tabuse. While this isn`t a problem, just a little strange. Tabuse is the school I visit the least. I have also been informed that this is the very first day of classes as well. No pressure, right? Starting out the school year with many first it seems. 

The nice part about all this is that it is my Introduction Lesson. Meaning I can edit and alter the information from my very first introduction lesson last year. Try to make it better and more entertaining for the students. Whether the edits have been an improvement or not I wont know, but I will still do my best. And even though I prepare well for all my classes, I still feel like there is a part of me that is winging it. In true Amanda fashion.

The other nice thing about introduction lessons is it will last for well over a month. I will have to do this lesson at three different school several times. Tabuse is nice in the sense that I complete one lesson for each class in one day. The down side, I am introducing myself forever. It feels like I finished my introduction lesson just a month ago. Though I know that I have had many a lesson inbetween.

Regardless, the new school year has started. It will be filled with new lessons, revamped timelines, and new memories made with new students. Even though I didn`t go to school for teaching I think I have done a rather good job so far. There is always room for improvement, but I am doing the best I can with what I have at my disposal. My current job as an ALT keeps me on my toes and I love it.


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