Time is the Longest Distance

This ocean is vast and strong. It keeps us apart as it rolls along.
During storms it rages. With the sun it sways.
When I look upon it I can see your face. Your eyes the same clear blue.
How can something so beautiful keep me from you.

It has been a little over eight months since I have come to live in Japan. The time I have spent here since arriving last July has been filled with joy, sorrow, and memories I will never forget. Eight months can seem long, but in the long run it is just a small sliver of time within my life.

Back in the states my family still lives their lives as they had before. Eight months for them has been very different from my own. They still move through time like like they always have. My father still works from sun up to sun down, my brother is trapped in the world of video games, and my sister has been working hard with her own little family.

Little has really changed. My world has been the one to change. When I look back at these eight months in the world I have left behind I see things I have missed. Birthdays, holidays, special events, the list goes on.

“Time is the longest distance between two places.”
― Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

I cannot physically be there for them as they cannot physically be here for me. We are separated by the miles of sea and land, but that hasn’t stopped us form doing our best to stay in touch. My grandma sends me cards with updates and messages of love. My grandpa posts short little messages on Facebook posts. My sister sends me pictures and videos of my adorable little nephew Cooper. Evan, my little brother, reaches out when he needs help or advice. My father say “good morning” every once in a while. My aunt Jolene sends me the strangest messages but I laugh aloud with everything she sends.

I am thankful to my family for being supportive during these long eight months. I have signed on for another year of teaching as an ALT at my current location. Meaning more time apart, more holidays missed, and more family moments shared through stories. While this is sad it has made my connection with family stronger. When together we fight and bicker like any normal family, but apart our love stays strong.

Though I am faraway I am happy with the decisions I have made. I do not regret the last eight months of my life and I look forward to the months ahead. I am living a dream I dreamed for myself. I hope it can last a few years more.

Until the day comes that I no longer want to live abroad or travel, I will do just that. Live the life that I want to lead. In the end I know my family is not so faraway because, as sappy as it sounds, I carry them in my heart always.


Today’s post inspired by The Daily Post word prompt Faraway.


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