New Faces (Part 1)

Yanai High School was buzzing all morning. Teachers had been hassling to and fro setting up for the information session for the incoming first years. Current students where at school practicing and preparing to promote their clubs to new students. While everyone had their assigned task I remained free to roam about, like usual.

The morning started out normal. The teachers meeting was right on time at 8:20 am. The new incoming students and their parents would be able to check in at 8:40 am for the days information session. I followed Sumitomo-sensei to her task after the morning meeting. I often follow her because we are good buddies in and outside of school.

Her task was to work at the check in tables. Though I had no assigned tasked I helped out the four teachers working the check-in tables where I could. Always at attention ready to step in at a moments notice if someone needed something. A bag for their shoes, collecting homework that was being turned in, stand-in for a teacher if need be, bathroom tour guide, I did my best to be useful.

After checking in the parents and students where asked to step into the gym where they would be seated in classroom order. There they would listen to speeches about the school and various topic for the new students orientation. Once that portion of the days orientation was completed everyone was to move on to the next task.

Current students had been waiting for this opportunity outside the gym doors. They overwhelmed the innocent new students and parents with warm smiles of greeting and flyers for clubs. Shouting things like “Join our club!” or “Think about joining our (activity) club.” Every voice mixed together into laughter and joy that echoed throughout the school grounds.

If parents and their children could make it through the throng of energetic club members, the next destination was to the first year class rooms. There students could purchase things they would need as first year high school students. Like uniform information, gym uniform, gym and classroom shoes, and so on. After students had been encouraged to look around the school and visit clubs while they practiced.

Having no real task throughout the day, I wandered. I watched the new faces of students I would teach as they chatted with each other. I greeted and laughed with current 2nd and 3rd year students. I walked from club to club checking in on them like a proud mama bear.

In the end I did nothing special. I just watched things unfold in front of me. I didn’t do anything different from what I normally would do. I have heard that my predecessors wouldn’t be found roaming the school grounds, making connections, and getting to know their students better. Not hiding away in the teachers office while sitting at my desk. But you know me, I can’t just sit around and doing nothing.



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