Pass or Fail?

I sit at my desk watching the steam rise seductively from a light blue paper cub. The dance is taunting me as I sit at my desk. The coffee that I watch is not my own, but the craving for its sweet caffeine is deafening. The hunger out ways the knowledge that it is just a crappy cup of black coffee.

The nights have been restless. The mornings early and sluggish. Here is to the month of March as an ALT in Japan.

Even though I am tired and a little groggy I have to fight on. Spring break is just around the corner, but for us teachers it means office hours. Friday will be the last day of classes for students. Though it is funny how we haven’t really had regular classes since the start of the month of March anyway.

Today is an important day none the less. Results for junior high school students who took our schools entrance exam will soon to be posted. Less than an hour to go, it will be posted at 10:00 am today.

For me this is exciting. Growing up in the United States I never had to take a test to get into junior or senior high school. I was always enrolled into the nearest public school within the city limits. This is common for everyone in the United States, unless you went to a privet or special type of school.

Today students will line up to see if there ID number is listed on the excepted list. The list is posted on a large board outside of the school building. Yanai High School’s list will be posted outside the main student classrooms.Our student clubs will also gather to congratulate those who have pasted.

A part of me questions how Japan tests for student admittance. Another part of me questions the United States form of open enrollment. I don’t think either is perfect, but I am no professional when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of school systems. I am still learning as I go, so I wont say much more on the subject.

Today is an exciting day, but also sad. It is another step towards having to say goodbye to my current students, but it is also a day closer to saying hello to our new students. What will the next school year bring? Only time can tell.  For now I will just wish the new first year students to our school with a warm and joyful smile.


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