Post 5k

The night had been restless. Sleep was a light one. No amount of deep calming breaths would help slip me deeper into slumber. Night came and went. My nerves tingled with worry of the uncertain day ahead.

I was jolted awake by the sound of my iphone 6 vibrating against the wooden surface of the small table beside my bed. It was my friend Becca, ‘Are you awake?’ I jumped out of bed throwing my blankets about in haste fearing I was running late. Only to realize it was 5:30 am. I had set my alarm for 5:45 am. The train I needed to catch would not leave for another hour and a half.

Sighing with re-leaf, I responded to Becca’s text. Not wanting to waste anytime I got right to work getting ready for the day ahead. It would be a long day, but how was I to know how eventful it would be. I would run my second 5k, first 5k in Japan.

I did it. I ran in my second 5k. The race was held in Ube, Japan. It is a small spread out city in my prefecture. Not unlike the rest of my prefecture; everything is small and far apart.

Becca and I arrived to catch the last bus headed to the starting line from Ube station. Though we hadn’t been sure, we managed to get on the right one. After the bus had started to pull out from the station we realized there had been two other buses behind us. Still, we made it to where we needed to be. I call that a success.

When we arrived, I checked in. I got my number, tracking chip, and a t-shirt for running. After that Becca and I would watch the opening ceremony and witness the first race start their trek. After that my group was up.


I had been nervous for this run. I think I did rather well. I placed 26th out of 89 woman that ran within my 5k, at a time of 28 minutes and 29 seconds. I thought I would have been over 30 minutes like I had been my very first 5k a few years ago. This was a pleasant surprise.

Even though this race is over I have already signed up for another race. It will be held on April 3rd in Tabsue, a town over from Yanai. It is also the same day as the Sakura Festival that will be held there as well. I am excited and nervous once again for this next race. I hope I can do just as well or better than I did in Ube. Just need to keep up with training.

I am thankful to all who have checked in on me, supported me, and had been thinking of me when it came to this race. I want to especially thank Becca for being a butt kicker at times, but most of all for taking the time out of her weekend to support me at the race. Love you lady!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!


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