Rainy Day Drivers

Dear Rainy Day Drivers,

Hello. You don’t know me, but I happen to know you rather well. You are the ones who get to sit in your nice dry car all cozy and warm on a rainy day like today. You are either on your way to work or some various household chore. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be out today if you didn’t have to be, but we all know you have to.

While you drive your way to where ever it is I would like to ask you to be careful of of how you drive around pedestrians. You see, we are living in Japan. In an area the roads are very narrow and riddled with pot holes. There are plenty of cracks and indents in the roads where water likes to pool. The sidewalks, if we can call it that, are no exception either.

I myself already have to walk to school, but today it was in the rain. My umbrella is rather small and my shoes are not water resistant. I am doing my best to stay as dry as I can, but it is unavoidable. My shoes and socks will become damp along with my pants. Water will drip off my umbrella down my back and into my bag. Today’s wind isn’t helping the situation either.

So you see dear drivers, it is not easy for anyone to be walking out in today’s breezy rain. So I would like to ask one favor from all of you. Please slow down a little when you see someone walking alongside the road. They will be extremely grateful to you. Those who are walking today are already getting wet, they don’t need to be extra wet from the splash the tires make as your car drives by.

I know you all have things to do. That your most likely on your way to work, but I am too. But because of some extra help, get to sit at my desk all day will wet pants, shirt, and socks. Hopefully I will dry a little soon. So please dear rainy day drivers drive a little slower when you see someone walking. It would make their day a little brighter.

Thank you for your consideration,

The person you splashed five times today on her way to work


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