A bunch of happenstances.

Warning: today’s blog post might not be the most interesting of posts, but then again how many of my posts really are. Anyway…

This weekend was filled to the brim with hanging out with fellow ALTs and random happenstances. Over all it was fun weekend. I blame it on the wonderful weather the past few days. Here is the  Recap of the weekend:


After a rather strange school day I hopped on a train headed up to Iwakuni. There I met up with Taylor for a girls night fun night. In other words a chill night hanging out with a cool buddy. We had a great night together. Taylor made kitsuni Udon, we had some drinks, and watched random videos on youtube and shows on Hulu. Taylor’s Mom even called to chat with use. Lets just say my sides have not hurt so much in a long while. Her Mom had me bursting at the seams laughing with out even really trying. It was great.



The early part of the morning Taylor and I had been lazy and slept in. When we finally decided we had had enough pretending to sleep, we got up to have a late brunch. Needing to go to the store for food we put on our shoes and headed out the door. On our way came upon a surprising turn of events.

Bryson, another ALT that lives in Taylor’s building, had his door wide open. He looked a little frazzled as I said good morning, so I asked what was wrong. Turns out his water faucet in the kitchen was broken. He had the handles fully turned off but water was still steadily coming out. He wasn’t sure what to do and either had Taylor or I. We suggested that he call his land lord and see what could be done. After that we didn’t really help him out much, but watch the whole thing unfold. It was like watching a TV Drama about Bryson. I felt bad but I knew there wasn’t much I could do.

Bryson changed his mind about calling and went to the land lords house. The two of us happily tagged along. Ringing the door bell the land lords wife was a little surprised to see three white people standing outside her door. Taylor and I stood quietly watching him talk with his land lord giving a little assistance with translating here and there. In the end we found out he would have to wait for an hour until someone could get there. Not wanting to wait Taylor and I said out good byes and headed to the store again.

Later that Day I was supposed to meet up with other ATLs in Tabuse at the station at 5:30 pm. There is a cute little bar that we like to go to. It has great food, fantastic service, and the drinks are good too. The bar keeper loves having us. We have been his “first group of foreigners” to come to the bar. But before we could enjoy our time at Railways, we had to get their, which turns out to be the problem.

Something had happened to the trains coming from Shimonoseki. What ever happened caused a giant delay for all the train stops headed towards Iwakuni. Everyone but myself needed to catch a train on that line. Thus putting a wrench in our merriment making.

As usual, none of use had been listening to announcements being made about the delay, so we still don’t know what caused it. My train from Iwakuni was only two minutes late, but I made it to Tabuse station without an problems. After that I got to sit and wait for my crew to show up. After about an hour and twenty minutes they did.

This would be only our second time at Railways, but it felt like we were regulars. The bar keep remembered most of our names, but knew me by my drink from our first visit, the Sea Breeze. He was just as welcoming and care free as I remembered. We ordered drinks and food to enjoy while we chatted.

During our time there the owner asked if we would be part of a picture for the bars Facebook page. We graciously accepted right away. There was also another group that had revised a table that night and would end up chatting with us in English. Two of the Japanese gentlemen in that group had been overseas for various reasons. One of them had stayed in New Zealand for a time and wanted to chat with Juliette and Andy, who are both ALTs from that country. In the end the whole bar talking with us and sending food to our table. Everyone had a grand ol’ time.

After my gaggle of ALT buddies, now known as the railways crew, decided that we should go to karaoke. This would ment wouldn’t be able to catch a train home and sleep in my own bed. Juliette (Hikari ALT) offered her place up for the night and I said “Hell, why not.”

The place was called Jack and Betty and is in Hikari city, three or so stops over from Tabuse.  It is a rather small place and not to fancy, but it suited our needs. While signing in to get our room Juliette found out that one of her schools was there for a party as well. Her Vic Principal is retiring this year and her school was having a party for him. She visited their room, sang a song or two, had a drink, then came back to us. The teachers sent us food as a way to say ‘sorry we stole her for a while.’

For three hours the Railways Crew sang their hearts out; danced like fools too. It was a great night. When finished we managed to call a taxi to take us to Juliette’s place. Once there we would have a few more drinks, and chat the night way.


By the time I finally fell asleep it was 5:30 am Sunday morning. I woke up at about 7:00 am without an alarm. A total power nap. I got on a train around 7:40 am to be home at 8:25 am. Once there I spent the day cleaning up my apartment and doing a massive load of laundry. I was in bed by 4:00 pm.

That brings us to today, Monday morning. I once again don’t know what the day will actually bring. I just know I will be sitting at my desk for the most part of the day. after that anything is possible.


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