I think I am glued to my chair.

Someday’s you feel like a hot ass rock star, but others days just want to curl up in your snugly warm bed and never leave it. I feel like it is often the later option for most. Still we get up and out of bed to go through the motions that is our life. Be it a good or a bad day, we still do it. Regardless of how we really feel about it.

These days I sit behind a desk contemplating what should really be done with my time. Many ALT’s are also being plagued with hours of little to no work. Just to have the one task of sitting behind our desks being seen. Sure we get to go out for lunch with our fellow teachers, a nice change from bento lunches that are the norm for us, but that is only if we are invited. These outings are the only exciting part of my day right now. At least it takes a few hours out of my limitless boredom.


Yesterday I was left alone for an hour and a half. All the other teachers had a staff meeting about the upcoming test for possible incoming first years. I stayed behind to guard the office from possible threats. I don’t know how dangerous an unmanned office can be, but with it being exam time prying eyes would have loved a peak or two at tests. Still, being totally alone in a empty teachers office I should have let go. You know like cranked up the tunes and danced like a crazed fool all around the office. Sadly it didn’t happen. Instead I put my earbuds in and sat quietly at my desk like a good girl.

Being bored at work is no laughing matter. ALTs are asked to be at work from 8:20 am to 4:00 pm (at least these are my hours). I often get to work before 8:00 am and sit at my desk waiting for the 8:20 am meeting. Right now the meeting only lasts five or so minutes. After that I sit for the remainder of the day hoping something will land in my lap. Which never happens.

I try to keep myself looking busy so not to have anyone think I am a waist of time, money, and space. Sometimes the teachers like to chat with me. I just get a friendly tap on the shoulder with a “Amanda, are you busy?” I say no, then ask them what I can help them with. More times than not it is a question about the upcoming election, which I know nothing about.

Today though is thankfully Friday. TGIF!! I just have to get through another mindless day of sitting at my desk  being fantastic at looking busy. Being the amazing actress that I am, it isn’t that difficult. But right now each day is killing me slowly. I love interacting with my students no matter what it is. Since they are busy with exams I try to stay out of their way, but most of all I just want to have something to keep me busy.

At least I am honest. When someone asks me if I am busy I normally say no. That is good right? Either way it is just the start of March. I know I have many more of these sitting days ahead of me. At least after Monday the month with have more action to fill my day with entertainment. Exam time is way too slow and boring of time for ALTs.Go team!


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