New Faces (Part 1)

Yanai High School was buzzing all morning. Teachers had been hassling to and fro setting up for the information session for the incoming first years. Current students where at school practicing and preparing to promote their clubs to new students. While everyone had their assigned task I remained free to roam about, like usual. The … More New Faces (Part 1)

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was a bustle of good food, people, and an abundance of surprises. There was a festival in my city, a spring concert put on by my high school students, and a fun adventure in Hiroshima. Let’s recap the weekend. Saturday wasn’t so busy. The night before was a teachers party. Some of the schools staff … More Weekend Festivities


Looking into the mirror can be disheartening. I see all the faults I have unfairly deem unfaltering. Every fatty roll mixed with every blemish, disgusting. It is all I ever see and makes the battle for who I am and who I think I should be an endless mind game. I know I am not … More Reflections

The Rock

Sometimes working in an office can be hell on earth. Other times it is filled with silly banter. This situation happens to be one of the silly fun times. The day started out normal. Nothing fancy going on, but it was a day when students did not have classes scheduled. Only the sports clubs had … More The Rock

Pass or Fail?

I sit at my desk watching the steam rise seductively from a light blue paper cub. The dance is taunting me as I sit at my desk. The coffee that I watch is not my own, but the craving for its sweet caffeine is deafening. The hunger out ways the knowledge that it is just … More Pass or Fail?

Post 5k

The night had been restless. Sleep was a light one. No amount of deep calming breaths would help slip me deeper into slumber. Night came and went. My nerves tingled with worry of the uncertain day ahead. I was jolted awake by the sound of my iphone 6 vibrating against the wooden surface of the … More Post 5k