28 Days of Tammy

Yesterday, February 28th would have been Tammy Hayes’46th birthday. In years past it was a day filled with laughter, heartwarming cards, and cake. Sometimes it was a shopping day too. In recent years it has become a little more somber.

This coming April will be the start of the third year since my Mothers death that without our loving Tammy Hayes. We have celebrated two birthdays without her and the Hayes family misses her dearly with each passing one. Though she is not currently with us we still celebrate her life and her death. She might be gone, but we carry her in our hearts every day.

My sister, Michelle, came up with a wonderful idea to help us keep the memories of Tammy alive. She declared February Tammy month and created the 28 Days of Tammy. Each day the two of us would post one memory about her. This would take place from the first of the month all the way to the 28th, her birthday.

Tammy 3

The event/idea has been a hit. Many people have posted how happy they are to read the memories that we have shared about Tammy. I am glad that we could spread a little bit of Tammy through this month to all her friends and family. We all miss her greatly but we are all proud to have been able to take part in her lifetime.

We hope to make this a yearly event. Still we would like to thank everyone for all the warm thoughts, comments, and additional stories. It means a lot to our family; Thank you.

Below are the final two posts for 28 Days of Tammy:

If you would like to see more posts please find them on her FaceBook: Tammy Hayes



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