When you give some boys some chocolates…

Valentines day has gone and past, but there are still those who think they are deserving of chocolates and treats. Some of those people being students at my base school.

Since the holiday I have been asked by several boys “where is my chocolate?” Two of which have been pestering me to give them chocolate for a while. I finally caved.

Tuesday night after a run I got to work on making a chocolate treat for the two boys. I ended up making a few extra to share with teachers that I work closely with or chat with often.

Now I am not so sure giving into the boys demands was a good idea, but the deed has been done. I hope they don’t get the wrong idea, but I think they all know it is in fun. Though… one of them said I was his girlfriend today. For now I will let them think what they will. They are just silly second year boys, what could go wrong (said every  fool in any and every TV program!). I hope my first year boys don’t get jealous.

Besides that strange part in my life, nothing too exciting has been happening, like I have already been saying. I finally ran at least a mile and a half three days in a row. The key words in that sentence are ‘in a row.’ I am worried I am going to get my butt kicked by this race. Besides that everything has slowed down at work and I don’t do much after work either. I guess this treat making thing is going to become a real hobby of mine. I’ll be giving chocolate to boys all year round. Not!


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