A space for the ramblings of a free spirit.

I was roaming around the internet today searching for something to read while at work, when a post about where people write for their blogs and websites caught my eye. Most of the featured spaces were quite personal areas around their homes. Each space seemed emit a cozy feeling, but I guess that is because it was a personal space for each writer.

But then there is me…

I am by no means a great writer or blogger. Half the time I feel like I am writing dairy pages to myself. But when I do sit down to write, where do I do it? More times than not I am sitting at my desk in the teachers office. I normally have time to write during the morning hours of any given day. The afternoons often gets busy with various little things and events that pop up. Remember my life is hardly ever mundane. But even though I am in an office, it is relatively quite. That is unless I am talking but that is a story for another time.

Then there are the random posts that happen while I am sitting on a train. I often have 30 minute or longer train rides when I am travel. This leaves ample time for my brain to wonder. It might not be the most personal space to write in but with my ear puds in place and music playing I become my own space. Regardless of whether I have a seat or I have to stand.

In the end it all must mean that I am a free spirit. I like to be active when working, but to also have some kind of background noise to accompany me. Total silence is unnerving. It also reminds me that I am alone. Why do you think I enjoyed working with another artist and friend in my messy art studio space? Okay, maybe my side was the messy side, but I digress. Maybe with how everything is, it is why I am not a famous blogger or featured writer. Too much chaos makes for chaotic writing, but so does bad spelling and poor grammar.

Even though my writing ability is weak and most likely boring it has at least been entertaining for me. And well maybe my Sister. I have found getting my thoughts down on paper (more like typed up on a computer and posted for everyone to see) has been calming and rather fun.  I hope I can keep up my blog for as long as I am living in Japan, but also to be able to continue by sharing what is to come after.


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