Tis the season to be gray, Fa la la la la la la la BLEAH!

Trying to find motivation these days has been a trial. There are many things I should be working  on and trying to accomplish. I have been finding difficulty with this for last the last few weeks, maybe even the whole month.

First of all I think the February slump has hit me. You know, that season of dark-gloomy-gray-bleakness that lies between winter and spring. It has been rainy and gray hinting that spring is just around the corner, but the chill of winter still hangs in the air. This is making my thoughts for running take a nose dive. I want to get out and run, but after a day of work and eating a nice warm meal in my cozy warm apartment, I don`t have the willpower to open my door to go out for a run in the chilly night air. In all honesty, the weather makes the urge to do anything outside a fleeting thought.

Regardless, I still try to get my butt off the floor and into a running mood. It has been hard, but I am doing what I have been considering my best. Bushing to at least get a mile in when I can. Most days I don`t want to do that. The rain has been slowing me down the most and since I can`t find a gym near my house, I often have to put running on hold. Right now the weather is a little too chilly to run outside in the rain.

But don`t get me wrong! The weather is still above freezing, unlike back home, and we don`t get snow; Like none at all. I have never found a day that I could say I was freezing my butt off, but it is still cold. Just not Minnesota cold. So, while others around me are in five or more layers of clothing and the heaters are running at max power, I am still in one or two warm layers. Yeah, I feel like a bad ass most days. Heck, I hardly wear my winter coat.

The other thing that has me in a slump is the fact that many things are coming to a close. My first chapter as an ALT is coming to its end. My school lessons for the fiscal year are, as of today, finished. Third year students (seniors) will be graduating soon. My students will be moving up a grade so I will no longer get to see them as often. I know, I will still get to see them around, but not in a classroom setting like before.

But when has that stopped me before? I have a feeling I will end up in a classroom with them anyway, like P.E. or even cleaning time.

Still with saying good bye and having to meet the upcoming changes head on, there will be time to welcome a new beginning; A new chapter if you will.  Soon new students will be taking entrance exams to enter my schools. This means new first years to work with and new lessons to plan. In time I will be busy once again, but as of right now March is looking like it will be a month of office hours and very little work to do.

March will be difficult at times but I will do my best to keep busy. I will work on lessons for the new year, study Japanese, and, like normal, the various other random things I often find myself doing. For now I will say it will be boring and slow but in reality I think it will become a very busy month for me. I will just have to wait and see.


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