It was no average day for Ms. Amanda.

Yesterday was an adventure. Finall lessons, P.E. Class, and evacuation drills; It was no average day for Ms. Amanda.

It started out normal, get up, go to work, and get ready for the days lessons, but I  only had one lesson to teach. It sadly was one of my final lesson classes. But after that class everything else for the day would be an adventure.

My lesson took place during 2nd period, the topic was Dear Me letters. My students have to write at least 4 to 5 sentences to their future self; graduating 3 year students. Fearing that this lesson could go totally sour, I have been pleasantly surprised with how hard the students are working on their letters. I still have 3 more classes that need to finish this project but I have confidence that they will work just as hard. 
After the lesson I was headed back to the Teachers Office when my supervisor stopped me. “Amanda! I made a mistake, 1-3 and 1-4 have P.E. class right now!” Yes, P.E. Class. You read that correctly. Last week my supervisor and I saw the kids playing outside for gym class. I off handedly said “oh, I would love to play with the kids.”

If my supervisor could get me the ability to jump over the moon and fly off into space, she would. After our little conversation she talked to the gym teachers and got the okay for me to join the class. So, I did just that.

How does gym class work in Japan? Well, unlike America the classes are diverted into boys in one class and girls in the other. They will not interact with one another at all. The grade as a whole is also split in half. 1-1 and 1-2 in one class and 1-3 and 1-4 in the other. My supervisor and I planned for me to join her students in 1-2/1-1, but we didn’t know that the other half of the first years would be having gym class the same day. 

I ran to get my lunch from the supermarket right across from school, changed and was left with enough time to watch the boys of classes 1-3/1-4 play soccer. I don’t have inside shoes for the gym so I couldn’t join the girls, I had to play soccer with the boys. No problem right? Sort of because after watching the 3rd period class it was my turn to play with the 4th period boys class. 45 minutes dedicated to soccer, let’s just say I did my best. 
With the boys help managed to score one goal but I don’t think I played very well at all. Soccer is not a sport I’m very good at, I don’t think I ever will be either. Hell, I don’t think I’m good at any sports, but that’s not the point. Maybe I’ll try again when they play baseball or something. Regardless I had was a lot of fun and I hope I impressed the boys a little. 

After lunch the whole school would have what I have dubbed the feald trip. It was really a practice evacuation drill and consisted of a fake earthquake drill and a tsunami drill. I’m not 100% sure why we did ever little step we did but we ended up walking to a shrine higher up a hill. If it was the real deal it wouldn’t have been as care free as it happened to be. The students had been chatting away and making jokes. I even got a little sidetracked by them. I still learned a lot by the experience because we don’t have drills like this back in the states. 

Today though… I’m a little sore from the scorer adventure. Also had more final lesions of the year at one of my visit schools. But I’m currently sitting on a train writing this very post headed to see troublemaking Taylor. We are getting TGIF sushi, which really isn’t a thing but I’m making it a thing for today. Yay for sushi!

The End.


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