The Call

It was Monday night and I was just getting up from watching another episode of Everybody Love Raymond to go for a run, when my phone started to ring. It was a call from Akita-san. I quickly answered not knowing what to expect. She wanted me to come out for the night to have dinner and drinks. I said okay, even though I had just finished eating and quickly started to run around my apartment to change clothes; I was in my running gear. When Akita-san calls you don’t say no. Even when she calls two nights in a row, like she did last night.

As I have said before Akita-san owns a realtor company within Yanai. It is a rather large company that is doing very well in the area. She has also become a great friend and is like family. Though the crowds she runs with is older, I always have fun. It reminds me of outings that I have been on with my Mother and her friends or when I have hung out with my Grandma and other family members. It is always a great time, the same can be said here as well.

These last two nights of parting for me included, good food, drinks, and often me having to sing a song or two. These days I am rather good at being the entertainment around here. I don’t mind in the least. I have fun meeting new people and getting to know the local owners and works of establishments. The last two nights I have met so many new people it has been hard to keep track of all the names.

Regardless of the time or place I am always happy to get a call from Akita-san. I never know what is going to happen, but I know that what ever it is it will be an adventure. I am always so grateful to Akita-san and the workers at Sankusu, they all are too good to me.


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